Advantages and Disadvantages of Firecrackers 放鞭炮利弊
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Firecrackers 放鞭炮利弊
Advantages and Disadvantages of Firecrackers

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  Now it is not allowed to set off firecrackers in big cities on festivals. Some people are against it. But I am for the idea.

  some people think setting off firecrackers is a traditional way to celebrate important festivals, especially the Spring Festival. It can show people’s happiness, their feelings and the festive mood. And people can enjoy the beautiful scenery of fireworks.

  On the other, hand, as we all know, setting off firecrackers may cause a lot of trouble. It may bring big fires and air pollution. And it will do harm to people’s eyes and hearing. If firecrackers are not set off correctly they can injure or disable people or even cause death’ This will bring great sorrow to the family.

  From these we can see there are more disadvantages, So I approve of not setting off firecrackers, and we should seek other ways to show our happiness. ( 150 words)

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